Charity for Shot Law Enforcement, February 7, 2018.

I made numerous videos about the do not call list. This is the number one complaint of Americans. That they get all these unsolicited phone calls. And there’s been numerous lawsuits against the companies that make these unsolicited phone calls. I’m on the do not call list but I still get these phone calls. And I report every phone call to the do not call Registry. If you get a unsolicited phone call, you can report that call. I’ll leave the web link below of where you can report them and get on the do not call list. And one point in time I even went down to the police station and had them put a tracer on my phone. To find out who was making all these unsolicited phone calls. After the police trace, the cops claim that they couldn’t figure out who made the phone calls. Most of the time I don’t even bother answering the phone. Because most likely it’s an unsolicited phone call.

It was just by coincidence I answered the phone when A&E called me. I sent a letter to a senator and a few minutes later I got a phone call from a 212 area code. I thought that was a Washington area code and so I answered the phone.

It was A&E wanting me to do a Skype call of my opinion of the Casey Anthony trial. I made a video about that and uploaded my old Casey Anthony videos. I didn’t think they would call me back, but they did. But this time, after I told them the Casey Anthony case, should have been thrown out of court. Nancy Grace destroyed Casey Anthony’s constitutional right to a fair trial and innocent until proven guilty, that there was no way Casey Anthony could ever get a fair trial. They cut the phone conversation short and I guess they don’t want me to do the show. Because they are a news agency that destroys people’s constitutional right to a fair trial and innocent until proven guilty. They think people should be tried in the news media of public opinion idiots, who don’t even know who the president is, and not in the courts before educated lawyers, professionals and judges.

So this morning I got a unsolicited phone call from 313-557-2458. This is my pay-as-you-go phone. It cost me $.25 a minute to answer this phone. I know I should get another phone plan, but people have been telling me I grandfathered into this great deal where I only pay $20 for three months. It used to be $15 for three months, but it went up. This is the phone I’ve been to the police station about and made all the videos on YouTube about the do not call list. Generally I don’t answer the phone, if I don’t know who’s calling. But I haven’t got a unsolicited call on this phone in months. So I decided to answer it, to see who was calling. It was a policeman’s charity. Am I in the twilight zone? Where did they get my phone number from? From the list of people who complained about unsolicited phone calls? Are these people demon possessed? This is absolutely unbelievable. I can’t believe it.

So they asked me for my support for police officers who have been shot. I should’ve did my comedian type of personality, and say, “why are they shot, did they make unsolicited phone calls and ask for money?” But I was so stunned and shocked, in the twilight zone of amazement, that they had the nerve to call me, I just said Uhhhhhh no. When I should have taken control of the conversation and said something like, thanks for calling, I was ready to call you, how are you guys doing on my unsolicited phone call complaint? Or better yet simply say, “sure you have my support, how much money do you need, to sue the gun lobby out of business, so that another police officer is not shot dead, while gun manufacturers are laughing their way to the bank, with billions in profit?” Why are they calling people on Social Security and fixed income and asking them for charity? Why are they not suing the gun lobby and gun manufacturers, for trillions of dollars every time a police officer is shot? I know that the gun lobby is very powerful. But if you going to call people, don’t ask for support for money from poor people. Ask for support to sue the gun manufacturers. You want $10,000 to sue the gun lobby, I’ll give it to you. You want the legal advice, the wisdom, the knowledge I have from God, to sue the gun lobby, so that no cops are ever shot again, you got it. But why are you supporting the gun lobby? What are you brainwashed like this Aaron Rouse FBI guy? Well prostitution and gambling is the hospitality industry.

Do cops think it’s funny that their fellow officers are shot while gun manufacturers are driving limousines and laughing their way to the bank? Or are they just brainwashed and stupid like Aaron Rouse? Either Aaron Rouse is a mafia thug, who knows gambling and prostitution should have been illegal a long time ago, or he’s a complete imbecile. There is no doubt that the only reason why gambling, pornography, alcohol and prostitution is legal, is because the Mafia killed President Kennedy. Kennedy wanted to abolish the Mafia. Alcohol was illegal at one time. But it was the Mafia, that did all the killing and murdering to make it legal again. This is what the St. Valentine’s Day massacre was about. Getting alcohol made legal. This is what the Las Vegas shooting is about. The Mafia is trying to get their way by killing and murdering people.

I mentioned this other charity on the justice channel. That advertise all the time. It’s this love Shriners dot org. They are asking people for charity and they have all these disabled children that they show on TV. Children with no hands, with no legs. Children who can’t walk. It’s heartbreaking. They’re begging for money from poor people. To help these children who should be billionaires, from suing the automobile and chemical companies that made these children deformed and disabled. They’re not collecting money to sue these companies out of business, to guarantee no other children are injured again. They’re begging for money, for the victims of these companies, so that the companies don’t have to pay and can continue to injure other children. I’ll leave a link to this charity below. But don’t give them any money. Contact them and tell them to sue the industry out of business, that caused these children’s injuries.

Some of these children were born with deformities. Because of Dow Chemical or Monsanto or the nuclear industry. These people need to be reeducated that any donations given to them, should be directed at legal fees, to sue business that injures children out of business. To guarantee no child is ever injured again. This charity is so powerful, I have no doubt that they are probably taking cute little children, chopping their arms and feet off so they can use them on their commercials to get money. This his been happening a lot in the news.

One couple claimed their child had cancer, to get people to give them money. They actually told their child he had cancer and he was going to die. One women does the same thing with her daughter and even got movie stars to give them money. This woman forced her child to live in a wheelchair for charity. Finally the child fought back and killed the mother. Now they’re trying to charge the child with murder.

So I was looking to post a link to Shriners and I found them on Wikipedia. This organization is run by Freemasons. This is why they are not suing industry out of business, to guarantee no other child is injured again. They are basically purposely injuring children, for the purpose of collecting money from people like us. By letting Dow Chemical, Monsanto, nuclear and automobile industries stay in business, after their product injures and kills children.

So I tried to call 313-557-2458 back and asked them why they are not suing the gun industry and gun owners, for every penny they own. So that another cop will never be shot again. But all I get is a busy signal. It’s probably best. Because after I talk to these people that just make me angry, with their brainwashed delusion of grander rationalization, that gun manufacturers should be able to make billions in profit. as police officers are shot and killed by their product. So I’m asking a favor from everybody, to do just that. Hopefully you’re not as angry as I am. Because the gun owners, who supported the legalization of guns, are just as responsible for the cops that are shot by guns, as the shooter themselves. Because if guns were not legal, the criminals would not have them. The criminals are getting their guns from these law-abiding gun owners who refuse to keep them locked and secure. They have a gun to protect their property but the first thing that gets stolen is their gun.

This reminds me of the joke I read on Bazooka bubble gum comic when I was young. The guy says, “I just invented a great burglar alarm”. His friend replies, what happened? The guy says, somebody stole it. It’s absolutely delusional thinking, to think that if guns were banned, that the criminals would have them. Where would the criminals get the guns from, if they were banned? You ban guns, then you give anybody caught with a gun, the death penalty. Because anybody who has a gun, is a premeditated first-degree murderer. Guns are for killing animals and people. If you purchased the gun, that’s premeditation. You knew the gun would kill someone, before you even purchased it. You arer not using your guns to fight for freedom, because if you did, none of us would have slave jobs.

So I’m asking for your help. Please call 313-557-2458 and asked them why they are not suing gun manufacturers, gun stores and gun owners, when one of their fellow officers is shot by their product? Don’t give me that shit they have a second amendment right. The Second Amendment is a change to the Constitution. Anybody who believes in the Second Amendment, does not support the Constitution that our forefathers fought and died for. They are in fact an enemy of the United States and committed an act of treason, by adding the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Criminals get their guns from law-abiding citizens. They don’t pull them out of their ass holes.

That means that these law abiding citizens with guns, are just as responsible for every cop who is shot by a gun, as the shooter themselves. If you’re the driver of a bank robbery, you’re just as guilty as the bank robber. If you made guns legal, or if you did anything to keep guns legal, you’re just as responsible for every person shot or injured with a gun. There is no laws but the absolute law of God. Look up absolute law in any law dictionary.

When you talk to a cop, asked them why they don’t think their fellow police officers, deserve to be paid $1 trillion for their loss of their life from the gun lobby that provided the weapon. And when they finally do sue the gun lobby out of business, help me sue the automobile industry for the $450 billion I suffered. And Ask them how they are doing on my complaint about the unsolicited phone calls. Did They finally throw somebody in prison for making these unsolicited phone calls? So I have one phone number on the Internet that a lot of people make prank calls to. But that’s a free phone so I don’t mind. I downloaded an app on my cell phone, that I thought was the Firefox web browser. But it was a Firefox, untraceable web browser. So it was not the same. I trusted Firefox I’ve been using it for years. But the web browser sent me to a link that said I won $1000 from Amazon. It was one of those phishing scams, but I fell for it. It looked like an official Amazon website that said I won $1000 from Amazon. Now I knew Amazon was opening a new warehouse and I thought this was a promotion. They were NOT asking me to send them money, like a scam usually does. All they wanted was my name phone number and address so they can send me my thousand dollars worth of Amazon merchandise. So I gave him my name address and phone number. Answered a bunch of questions so I can get my money. And then I noticed in the fine print of one of the questions, that I was giving them permission to call my phone. And I thought well I gotta give them my phone number ,so they can give me my money. So I clicked yes. And I begin getting unsolicited phone calls ever since on my number at the top of the screen. I’m getting at least 3 to 4 phone calls a day from these people. I answer the phone and tell them I’m on the do not call list and how did you get my number and they just hang up. I can tell it’s them, because there will call from a 248 area code. Most of the calls I don’t answer. Because if you want to join my religion, you’ll leave a message. If it’s an important phone call, you will leave a message. It doesn’t matter if we play phone tag. If you leave a message, the next time you call I might answer the phone, now that I know who it is and it’s not an unsolicited phone call, asking me for money or trying to sell me some crap. So look at all the unsolicited phone calls I get. The first two numbers are the cop that I tried to call back to tell them I would support them, suing the gun lobby for a trillion dollars. But other than that, why are you calling me, when I’m on the do not call list? This is a pay-as-you-go cell phone. I have this phone for emergencies. But if I can’t stop the unsolicited phone calls, I’m going to have to throw the phone in the trash and next time I see a cop being shot, I won’t be able to dial 911. Because I had to throw my phone in the trash, because there’s no way to stop these unsolicited phone calls, not even from the police department, that I’ve complained to about unsolicited phone calls.

Link to Shriners on Wikipedia Link to satanic Shriners Freemason charity, where they might be injuring children, to collect money from idiots.!/donation/checkout Do not call list and unsolicited phone call reporting. Keywords. Shriners Charity, children’s charity, police man’s charity, satanic Freemason, injured workers, police officer shot, officer down, the gospel of Timothy, .


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