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*** You are in "Fellowship Hall 1". *** 10.12.1995

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Fellowship Hall 1". ***
MMarq59599: Hey, JC you are wacked.
StVern II: MyRight , blessings
In JC name: Sorry!
DDDkid: Nice sound effect JC
MyRight2Di: bless you all...
In JC name: Didn't work
In JC name: for your scream
In JC name: did it?
Hells User: yup
Neness: {S kerchunk
DDDkid: heheheheh
In JC name: YES I AM TOO!
Hells User: yup
TRULOVJC: hells , how are you
DDDkid: Hi JC how are you>
In JC name: I'm fine and you?
TRULOVJC: Have you been ringin my bells?
Neness: hi
Neness: hi
Neness: hi
MMarq59599: Nothing but a bunch of imature people here.
Neness: hello
DDDkid: Good, how is your pet umbrella today?
CAR30: Any adults out there?
Neness: anyone here to talk
In JC name: ME?
Hells User: MM including you'
In JC name: DDDkid?
Neness: Howz it goin JC?
RHansome: StVern, never thought i'd say this...I'm calling from Milwaukee,
midwest...but Brooklyn's my home
In JC name: Were you talkin' ta me?
DDDkid: I am as immature as they get OKAY!
TRULOVJC: maybe two or three dults
In JC name: Okay
In JC name: Dult?
DDDkid: HMM<
In JC name: I'm fine NENESS
Elect1ofJC: <------------Adult
DDDkid: I won't say it
JoanDArc2: HI CA!!!
name: <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Neness: Where are you all from?
CALeet: Howdee
CAR30: Nice to meet you elect!
TRULOVJC: dults are Ok, if they mix with the ids
DDDkid: NEW mexica
JoanDArc2: CA disable your chat sounds.
In JC name: I'm from Florida
Elect1ofJC: Hello car
In JC name: Dave!!!
DDDkid: it's close ot New mexico
CAR30: Texas
DDDkid: sorta on the tip
Neness: Me - from California, Long Beach.
JoanDArc2: vernie!!
In JC name: Yeah..... okay
CALeet: My speakers are turned off ... nothing will come through anyway
DDDkid: Near Texas, NEar DAN
Elect1ofJC: Texas
Super subs: hello JC what part of Fl are you from
TRULOVJC: New Mexica - must be aaaa, fmenine
In JC name: Oh, yaeh
Neness: Anybody excited about the Lord?
In JC name: Brevard
Hells User: no
TRULOVJC: Jesus is King
Neness: Talk to me about it.
LHale71347: Elect I love you handle
In JC name: I am I amI amI amI amI am
JoanDArc2: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{JJ}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
StVern II: Joan , not many call me by such ,,,, :-D , still not sure who you
are , do you like grits?
DDDkid: Hell not excited about lord?
TRULOVJC: I think I m being irresposible
JeremiaHur: What do you mean by excited?
BLDonnell: shall we sequester our likenesses?
Elect1ofJC: I "Chose" it !!
CALeet: Where is Mr. Hacker Boy?
Super subs: Nice area JC have family in Lake and Orange
TRULOVJC: been here too long
Neness: God is Good - ALL THE TIME!!!
TRULOVJC: looking for Hells
JoanDArc2: Sure do St.Vern!!
BLDonnell: cheese grits...mmm
StVern II: hehee
In JC name: No , We all live in BREvard
TRULOVJC: missing hells
TRULOVJC: yeech grits
DDDkid: Can anyone dance?
LHale71347: I think I would to change mine to grace alone or Christ alone
StVern II: Joan , you on your last floppy yet :-D ???
RHansome: Neness, I'm so excited about the Lord I could bust!
Neness: Looking to bless and be blessed.
In JC name: Yeah...Dave wanna dance?
BLDonnell: Handsome, why?
JoanDArc2: cheese grits a nice twist
TRULOVJC: Praise de lord with your FEet-- i love to dance
Super subs: my apologies I meant I have family in lake and orange
DDDkid: La la la la lllalalalallla
Neness: RHansome- where from?
CALeet: Is grandma cooking?
BLDonnell: Joan of Arc, you;ve had cheese grits no?
TRULOVJC: Dance in the presence of the Lord
In JC name: Dave 'member SELENA?
DDDkid: Yes GRandma is cooking
TRULOVJC: Its gonna a be amighty party when we see him
JoanDArc2: That rotten old Selena
RHansome: from Milwaukee, originally from Brooklyn
In JC name: She is Joan
TRULOVJC: I love to party too
JoanDArc2: LOL
In JC name: Right Joan?
TRULOVJC: He is Worthy
Neness: How long have you walked with the Lord?
DDDkid: What did she do?
JoanDArc2: Right In JC
Elect1ofJC: Lhale what denomination?
CALeet: Cheese and grits ... isn't that something that grandma would cook
In JC name: SEEEEE Joan is Selena
JoanDArc2: Meet my son CALeet
DDDkid: I recall the name, but not the emotional face it left behind
TRULOVJC: Walk, run, fall, get up, go again, hand in hand with HIM
BLDonnell: CALeet, if she's clever she will
StVern II: Joan , hope you fair better than the first joan :-D
BLDonnell: cheese grits and shrimp....mmmm mmm mm!
JoanDArc2: OK what did he say??
JoanDArc2: LOL St.Vern
JoanDArc2: Hey CALeet!!
CAR30: almost 2 am, good night all
TRULOVJC: hells, no profile??????
In JC name: He meant what he 'members of ya...right DDD?
RHansome: Neness, he's walked with me from the start, I started to cooperated
in '76
LHale71347: I dont claim one but I attend a home church called HOME GRACE
DDDkid: I said, I remember the name(screenname) but not he emotional face(
Elect1ofJC: Grace Baptist
DDDkid: What your words told me about YOU).
In JC name: Hey its almost 3:00over here
LHale71347: and I have been called calvin
TRULOVJC: I dont even want to look at the clock
In JC name: Okay...
TRULOVJC: denial
JoanDArc2: Mom is here!!
DDDkid: MOM is here
In JC name: MOM?
Neness: That's a good way to say it. It's so true - our non-cooperation.
I've been saved for about
JoanDArc2: I am MOM
StVern II: LH , ich
Neness: 3 years now.
JoanDArc2: to CALEET
HisLove777: Hi everybody... Where's the coffee?
In JC name: Oh, Hi MOM!!!
Elect1ofJC: Me Too, I'm just Christian Going by the book.
CALeet: Oh brother
JoanDArc2: LOL JC
DDDkid: Mom what's for breakfast?
LHale71347: AMEN
JoanDArc2: Ask CA!!
Elect1ofJC: Odessa
JoanDArc2: LOL
In JC name: I;m hungry too, I want GRITS
Hells User:
BLDonnell: St Vern how are you?
Hells User:
JoanDArc2: GRITS
CALeet: She would say.... what ever you are gonna fix
DDDkid: COOL Jsut what I wanted
Neness: I now lead a Bible Study Group and it's been a true blessing -
especially for me!
TRULOVJC: love you
In JC name: Grits? DDD?
DDDkid: So Hells Where's Darkaradia
JoanDArc2: Nah CA whatever you are gonna go get!!
Hells User: i don't know
StVern II: BLD , pretty good ,,, thx for asking ,,, you doing well ?
RHansome: Neness,...the 20 year report, He will never fail you or forsake you
In JC name: Oooooh, Dave lookin' for your GIRL_FRIEND???!?!!!
Neness: I've grown from sharing and studying with other Christians.
TRULOVJC: hells, are you a rebel
BLDonnell: pretty well I guess
LHale71347: Elect bet you dont have to deffend your-his promise
StVern II: Joan , you know Ken4hugs right?
DDDkid: Surprised you to seem to come hand in hand
CALeet: That to ... fast food is great
JoanDArc2: <----Selena1954
Neness: RHansome - what's the 20 year report?
JoanDArc2: Yes St.Vern
In JC name: Huh?
JoanDArc2: oops !854
In JC name: ??
Hells User: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
JoanDArc2: Oops 1854
StVern II: Joan , I'm having lunch with him towmorrow
TRULOVJC: hells, do you ever go outside
DDDkid: Exaclty who is ken4hugs, I havn't been able to figure him out??/
JoanDArc2: neat..Where do you live??
In JC name: :-þ
Elect1ofJC: Weeeell ?
JoanDArc2: LOL In JC
BLDonnell: Vern, you CAlifirnians online seem to meet up often
TRULOVJC: hells, do you ride a bike
Aithne Sia: Ken is Bahai
In JC name: †
BLDonnell: ever see Jul again?
StVern II: Joan , Orange Co , Cal
DDDkid: What is Bahai?
TRULOVJC: hells, climb mountains
Hells User: yes i usually just leave the computer on while i go somewhere or
DDDkid: †
JoanDArc2: Is he out there now??
In JC name: Yes DDD!
StVern II: BLD , have tried ,,, have not reconnected yet
JoanDArc2: Yes that's right he said he was
Aithne Sia: DDD-a world faith.
TRULOVJC: oh, you get this service free? How do you do it
BLDonnell: haven;t seen him or Bang in here recently
In JC name: †
DDDkid: †††††HELLS††††††
Aithne Sia: DDD-what are you?
CALeet: Welp ... better go ... this time is expensive
RHansome: Neness...20 is the number of years of my humble journey of seems like yesterday!
JoanDArc2: That is great Vern..He seems really nice
OnlineHost: *** You are in "Fellowship Hall 2". ***
Praiseboy1: the other room is always debate..
TamECarl: Inevitable
HisLove777: That's why I came in here too..
Praiseboy1: i always come straght here
Ani4100: hall#1?, neness
Neness: Yes, Ani4100.
Tweety888: Tam. On the other end> In a desperate situation and couldn't get
one person to pray
TamECarl: Neness, was Hell still there?
Neness: I want to be edified or at least bless someone.
TamECarl: Been there, done that
Praiseboy1: NEWSFLASH:::: Hell is not in fellowship hall...
HisLove777: :::: edified::::: & :::::blessed:::::: to Neness....
Tweety888: It really hurts
Praiseboy1: :)
TamECarl: Well, halallujah!
TamECarl: I know, Tweety
Neness: I really serious about the Lord. Many don't know the "Good News".
Ani4100: tweety, you mean online or in "real life"?
HisLove777: Coffee about ready? My cup is...
HisLove777: :)
TamECarl: I have been going to the same church for seven years, and I still
don't think I have one tru
TamECarl: friend there
Tweety888: Real life
Ani4100: wow
HisLove777: Wow - that is sad Tom....
Praiseboy1: what makes a true friend??
BLDonnell: Hope I never go to Morth Dakota
HisLove777: We are all one body... :::supposed to be that is::
Ani4100: well, thank God - i do have one true friend
Tweety888: Supposed to be
HisLove777: Well - like the words to Michael W. Smith, "Friends"...
TamECarl: I have friends, just not christians, for the most part
Tweety888: I got stepped on so many times that I stopped going
TamECarl: Except my Mom-in-law and sis-in-law
GODISAWSM: That can be a problem Tam
Ani4100: tam, it's good to have friends who aren't Christian
HisLove777: Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them..
TamECarl: I hear ya Tweety
Tweety888: Sounds like a song HisLove
HisLove777: It is
TamECarl: I like that HLove
Tweety888: I know.
HisLove777: Michael W. Smith - Friends
Neness: That's a nice song. I'm using it in my wedding in December (Friends)
Praiseboy1: and a friend will not say never 'cause the welcome will not
HisLove777: Neat....
Tweety888: That was supposed to be funny
TamECarl: Good luck on the approaching marriage
Tweety888: Though it
HisLove777: anyone else - join in with the rest
HisLove777: of the lyrics = that is
Tweety888: sThough it's hard to let you go
Tweety888: in the fathers hands we know
Ani4100: in the Father's hands we'll know
Tweety888: that a lifetimes not too long to live as friends
Ani4100: woops
Praiseboy1: to live as friends..
HisLove777: AMEN....
TamECarl: beautiful
HisLove777: We're gettin it now... Vs 2 anyone?
HisLove777: Feel like I am at church again...
Knight0fNi: hey
Ani4100: i sang that at my friend's funeral..tried to anyway
HisLove777: leading worship..... love it.....
Tweety888: WEEEEEEEEEEELL I'll Fly Away
Praiseboy1: me too./
TamECarl: dear Jesus
HisLove777: I'lll fly away
Tweety888: Amen
TamECarl: I'll fly away
TamECarl: when I die
HisLove777: in the bye and bye
Ani4100: with the faith and love God's given, springing from the hope we know
TamECarl: Hallalujah by and by
HisLove777: I'll FLY AWAY
Tweety888: NO When Jesus comes and our work on earth is done
HisLove777: oops... sorry
TamECarl: Everybody Now!!!!
TamECarl: GREAT!!!!
Tweety888: Where are we now
Praiseboy1: the hope we know...
ONLINE.... What ya think?
Ani4100: tweety, flying away i believe
GODISAWSM: sounds great His
Praiseboy1: oh no more friends?
HisLove777: BAD = BAD =
Tweety888: Not new Vineyard is already doing it on Internet
Ani4100: his, used to happen a lot here
TamECarl: sounds good, but if you don't know the words, how do you fake it?:)
Praiseboy1: hum
Tweety888: Tam Just follow
HisLove777: Lip Sync....
Ani4100: tam, i do the doo wops
HisLove777: or Key sync.... whatever works
Tweety888: Works for me
TamECarl: There you go
Praiseboy1: where were we?!
Praiseboy1: new song..
TamECarl: Just rambling
JJAS1: praise God
Tweety888: I think I already asked that ?
HisLove777: aowigh oisg tghqw[goinb aosidg ghwoiegn aogn kind of like
that.... joyfull cybernoise...:)
Praiseboy1: amen
TamECarl: speaking in tongues?
Tweety888: NOISE
Praiseboy1: yup
Tweety888: Good idea Tam
Praiseboy1: a;lkfjdsfjdfjnc;lkjfsaasddfjd
HisLove777: good = tom good.... LOL
HisLove777: al;ksdgh q023[49t8y8qoldwnsgva;sdgh320[y84thg234utgha'wgldfhq[ow8
JJAS1: what are we rambling about
TamECarl: lol
Tweety888: Never hurt anyone I know
HisLove777: Got to get some numerals in there too
TamECarl: dis and dat
Tweety888: Go for it
Praiseboy1: sorry
Praiseboy1: asjfsakfu983754ljhn87afpisjfs====
TamECarl: I must say, it is very pleasant in here tonight!
HisLove777: {S Wild Eep}
Tweety888: Interpretation Please
GODISAWSM: Well everyone Would to stay and chat(sing) but it is getting late
here in Florida,remember..
HisLove777: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is harmony and unity....
Praiseboy1: is that sarcasm Tam?
JJAS1: have you been in the sanctuary its a mad house :)
TamECarl: Peed Liws
TamECarl: absolute honety Praise
HisLove777: What????
Praiseboy1: cool
TamECarl: Honesty
HisLove777: Oh
Tweety888: JJ why?
Tweety888: It's nothing new really
TamECarl: What's up in there?
HisLove777: What's the scoop?
JJAS1: no one is there
Praiseboy1: well, i am majorly putting off homework..I think I should go..
HisLove777: Good thought Praise....
JJAS1: absolutely no one
TamECarl: Goodnight Praise
Tweety888: NOone does it better than I Praise
HisLove777: I am getting my computer science degree... Need to study too..
HisLove777: But - needed uplifting...
Praiseboy1: i am just trying to pass algebra..
TamECarl: I am a nursing student, but took the semester off
HisLove777: I feel uplifted.. coffeeless too....
Tweety888: Understandable Did you get what you came for His Love
HisLove777: We are ALL students? neat....
JJAS1: I'm done studying for the night
Tweety888: I'm DONE studying
HisLove777: Well - it is the gathering of the body that is uplifting..
TamECarl: Amen
Tweety888: Sometimes
Praiseboy1: for some reason i am still here
Praiseboy1: i can't leave
TamECarl: Good, glad
HisLove777: Addiction...
JJAS1: why?
HisLove777: that's it...
Praiseboy1: yup
JJAS1: oops to slow
HisLove777: kindof like people that say, I am going to hang up now.. = no
you hang up - no you hang up...
TamECarl: (leaving to get coffee)
HisLove777: that kind of syndrome Praise
CBM69: I wonder if OJ & the dream team will get a corner in Hell all to
themselves when they die?
Praiseboy1: still here
HisLove777: Oh my....
HisLove777: really....
Praiseboy1: lets nt talk about the trial...
Tweety888: Sounds judgmental to me
Praiseboy1: amen?
HisLove777: Who made us judge over souls that we don't own....
CBM69: Its humor laugh for once.
Tweety888: Amen
HisLove777: We were ALL bought with a price...
Tweety888: We've been laughing Where were you?
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