Florida School Shooting Police State, February 24, 2018.

The gun lobby that infiltrated the church, has made people believe that all of the shootings are a government plot to take away their guns. The Kennedy assassination, the Lincoln assassination, every person who was ever killed by a gun, it was a government plot to take away guns, from brainwashed Christians. This is what they want you to believe and every gun over believes it. Because guns shoot toxic lead, that damages people’s brains and that’s why these people will believe whatever the gun lobby tells them. No matter how insane it sounds. Toxic lead is that toxic.

Jesus said the devil comes to kill and destroy. This is why gun owners want to own guns. They are possessed by demons and their brains have been damaged by toxic lead.

Was the Florida shooting a false flag? If it was, it was a false flag by the government, to get guns legalized in schools. Not to take away guns, but to create a greater police state, where every teacher in every school, is carrying a gun. This is the agenda the demon possessed president Trump is trying to accomplish. This proves Donald Trump is the antichrist. President Bush might go down in history as the stupidest president in the world, but Donald Trump, will go down in history as the most evil president in the world. Making himself God, fulfilling the prophecy about the antichrist. This idiot actually wants to put guns in the hands of schoolteachers, as if that’s going to stop school shootings. There was four armed police officers, who wouldn’t even go into the school to confront the arm shooter. In this dumb president thinks schoolteachers are going to use a gun to confront an insane psychotic delusional shooter? The first thing gun owners do, when there is a man with a gun, is they run for their lives. That’s why they have guns because they’re full of fear. Remember Donald Trump ducking behind the podium when he thought there was a man with a gun? Donald Trump is supposed to be one of these gun supporters, who should have pulled his gun out, to confront the shooter. But he ducked behind a couple Secret Service agents and use them as a shield. F in pussy with a gun.

These mass shootings are to pass more laws, so that gun owners can carry guns in schools, at concerts, at casinos and at churches. But it’s not going to stop any shootings, it’s going to create more death. People are complaining that the cops are shooting too many people now. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when every schoolteacher is carrying a gun? They’re going to be shooting students. Like George Zimmerman did, and then they’re going to claim that the child attacked them and used the floor as a weapon. One thing good that might come out of this, is that people will realize that the school system itself, is run by the devil and only a crazy person would send their children off to school. To be brainwashed into believing gambling and prostitution is the hospitality industry. By the same Donald Trump University, Aaron Rouse went to, to be brainwashed and zombietized. The Bible says that the devil comes to kill and destroy. Proving Donald Trump is the antichrist. More guns are not going to save lives. More guns there are, in schools by teachers, the more students are going to be shot. You don’t have to be a prophet of God to predict that.

Every person who supports gun ownership, is just as responsible as the school shooter himself. The getaway driver of a bank robbery, is just as responsible as the bank robber. People who support the legalization of guns, are just as responsible for the children who were killed in Florida. If the NRA didn’t exist, there wouldn’t have been any shooting in Florida.

The second amendment is a change to the Constitution that our forefathers drew up. The NRA is a terrorist organization, who went against the Constitution of the United States. Well-regulated means gun control. The words Hunter, gun collector and self-defense is not in the Constitution.

The Constitution comes from the Constitution of Salon. Which comes from the Constitution of Moses. Which comes from the 10 Commandments, of do not kill. When they changed the Constitution, by inserting the Second Amendment into it, they changed God’s 10 Commandments, to make murder legal. Just what Jesus said the devil would do.

This does seem like a conspiracy, but not a conspiracy to ban guns, a conspiracy to get guns in schools, in churches, in casinos, in concerts and create a complete police state, run by mafia thugs like Aaron Rouse, who believes gambling and prostitution is the hospitality industry.

Good thing the NSA is saving all the recordings and social media post of these gun nuts, that supported gun ownership. So that when Jesus returns, they can be charged with one account of second-degree murder, for every person who was killed by a gun. There is no statue of limitations on murder. When you support the legalization of guns and somebody gets killed by a gun, you’re just as responsible for murder, as the shooter themselves. If you didn’t support gun ownership, they would not have had a gun. That is second-degree murder on your part.

These gun owners are more evil than the Florida school shooter. The Florida school shooter was mentally ill. The gun owners don’t have an excuse. They don’t care how many children are killed with guns, because they are sick pieces of shit, who only care about themselves. They don’t care about children. They don’t care about your children. They don’t even care about their own children. All they want to do is own a gun, no matter how many children are killed. And they’re not even considered mentally ill they are considered demon possessed pieces of shit.

It’s very important to keep all the names of all the people who supported gun ownership. So that they can be tried with one account of second-degree murder, for every person killed by a gun, when Jesus returns. There’s no statue of limitations on murder.

They’re not trying to ban handguns. They’re trying to ban corrupt government overthrow weapons. The school shooter didn’t use a bump stock. More people have been killed by skydiving then bump stocks. I witnessed a skydiver being murdered back in the 80s. The guys parachute didn’t open and instead of calling 911, the parachuting company was afraid of being sued and the employees were afraid of losing their jobs, so they just dumped his body. So I did a Google search to find anybody who went missing after skydiving. There is so many people that went missing after skydiving, I can’t find the person who went missing in 1980, after going skydiving.


Second Amendment, change to the Constitution, Constitution of Sloan, Constitution of Moses, the 10 Commandments, the gospel of Timothy, .


Another mass shooting that wasn’t done to ban guns, but to create a greater police state an arm teachers, security guards, church priest and other insane murderers. Guns kill people. Guns don’t save lives.

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