Las Vegas Shooting, Truth You Can’t Handle, January 19, 2018.

Well I’m going to tell you the truth, about the Las Vegas shooting, but for one you’re not going to believe it and for another thing, you not going to be able to handle it. But if you think you can handle the truth, then keep watching.

On January 16 a meteor fell in Michigan. Well that’s what they want you to believe anyway. The truth is they put hundreds of satellites in orbit. The satellites they put in orbit in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s are starting to fall out of the sky. They don’t just stay up there forever. When they fall out of the sky, the only time they’re going to tell you, that it’s a satellite instead of a meteor, is if it’s a Russian satellite. That way they can blame the Russians. But if it’s American spy satellite or a satellite from Google, cable television, cell phone companies or any other industry, they’re going to claim it’s a meteor, to get out of being sued and to keep the public from demanding they stop putting satellites in the air.

Because when the satellites fall out of the sky, they land on your houses, on your family’s. People don’t like the idea that their entire family could be burned up and killed by a falling satellite from their cell phone company, that they paid money to for a cell phone. They don’t like the idea that when they do hit the earth, they cause earthquakes, because of the atmosphere explosion, that interferes with atmospheric pressure and the Earth’s magnetic field.

Was the Michigan event on January 16 a satellite or a meteor? Well they got hundreds of people out searching for the meteor or parts to a satellite. Evidence seems to be showing that it was a satellite and pieces of it fell burning to the ground. Just minutes after the satellite fell to the earth, fire departments were dispatched to extinguish house and garage fires. A garage caught on fire burning a truck inside. A house caught on fire killing a family of four recently. Is it a coincidence? Even if they know for a fact it was a satellite, they are going to tell you it was a meteor. That’s the truth. I don’t have to prove it, because that’s the way capitalism works and if you don’t like it, move to another country.

The same thing is happening in Vegas. It doesn’t matter who did the shooting, they’re going to lie to you for capitalist profits. That’s the way capitalism works. That’s the only way capitalism can work. Because if they told you the truth about capitalism, nobody would be a capitalist, not even the capitalist. Everybody knows that gambling casinos in Las Vegas is a Mafia criminal racketeering enterprise. It was only made legal by murdering thugs who killed Lawmakers, FBI Agents, Senators, governors, Congressmen and even Presidents who wanted to make gambling illegal. Yes, I believe Kennedy was killed, because he wanted to make gambling illegal again like it should have been. If Kennedy wasn’t killed, gambling would be illegal. Kennedy wanted to destroy the Mafia.

Now most of the FBI agents, Senators, Governors, Supreme Court judges and congressmen are Mafia members. You’re not a member of the Mafia or serve in the Mafia, you probably can’t get into a position of power. The Mafia runs all the institutions, so even when Aaron Rouse goes to be educated to be an FBI agent, at a university run by Mafia thugs, he thinks gambling and prostitution, is the hospitality industry. Stealing senior citizens Social Security checks and retirement savings in the casinos, is considered hospitality. This guys got the brain mentality of a turnup or he’s a Mafia thug, that thinks everybody else is a complete Fucking idiot.

If you’re not serving the devil, how can you get a position of power? The devil rules over this present world. All the kingdoms of the earth will the devil give you, if you serve the devil. Jesus set you free, the devil enslaved you with a job.

There was some kind of event that happened in 1997. They were looking for the freedom fighters who did it. Nobody was taking responsibility. So I posted a message on several major news sites, that it was the injured workers of America, that were taken responsibility, trying to get even for the big corporations, that didn’t want to pay the capitalist injured worker. I expected to get a phone call from a news agency, the police or somebody wanting more information. Was this a joke? Was this true? At least somebody wanting to know more information, because this could’ve been possible. It could’ve been the injured workers of America. But not only did nobody respond, every message I posted was deleted, erased completely. They didn’t care if it was the injured workers of America that were fighting back from the slave masters who enslaved them with jobs, until they were seriously injured and were basically torturing and killing them, when they could no longer work anymore. That’s right you’re basically forced to work at a job until you are completely disabled and then they will kill you, when you can’t work anymore. They don’t care if you are paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident. They want you to put a paintbrush in your mouth and get a job painting. Why should you being paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident, cut into automobile industries billions in profit, they will claim? Even Stephen Hawking will have to go to school until he becomes a nuclear physicist, that claims there is no God or be forced to die of starvation.

It doesn’t matter if injured workers of America did the Las Vegas shooting. Because they’re not going to put that truth out on a major news networks. It doesn’t matter if Stephen paddock did it, because he lost all of his money in Vegas. They are not going to put that on the news networks. Because the truth will hurt the casinos profits. They don’t care if there is 1000 shooters a week killing millions of Americans. The only thing they’re concerned about is the casinos profits. There probably are thousands of shooters in Vegas, we just never hear about them. Most of them are covered up just like this one is covered up. The only reason why were hearing so much about it, is because Stephen paddock with somewhat successful. He killed more than just a few people. Most of the time, when only one or two people is killed, it doesn’t even make the news. It’s just covered up as a drug deal gone bad.

A historian from Pawn Stars, talked about the badges hotel security used to wear. He said in the 50s and 60s, hotel security used to wear a badge that gave them the same power as cops while inside the hotels. The badges were not good outside the hotels. But inside the hotels, that historian said, those badges gave hotel security absolute power and anyone who gave the casinos trouble, never made it downtown for a trial, jury or judge. They would just like the reports of the so-called patriotic American who claims to have shot 35 looters during Hurricane Katrina. Without a trial, jury or judge.

Doctor Phil told some guy with a back injury to go get a job. The guy suffered from a chronic back injury and the way he dealt with chronic pain, was he sang murder rap. It’s a genre of music he created from suffering from chronic pain.

I suffered from a couple of back injuries but is not as bad as my overuse shoulder injuries. While seeking medical attention from hundreds of doctors for my shoulder injury, there was a chiropractor that claimed he could help with my shoulder pain. I had no back pain before I went to the chiropractor. But after going to the chiropractor I not only had shoulder pain, I had back pain. The chiropractor screwed up my back and I couldn’t prove it. Just like you can’t prove O.J. Simpson is guilty of murder or that there is a God. But I did share the story at an AA meeting and five other people at the AA meeting said that, that chiropractor screwed up their backs also. It’s this Herbert guy over a 9 mile and he sends out these free back adjustment coupons. Everybody who gets the free back adjustment suffers from chronic back pain afterwards. This chiropractor should have been sued out of business. If I had nothing else to do with my time that’s what I’d be doing trying to sue him, if there wasn’t hundreds of people more evil than this chiropractor. My back was never the same after this chiropractor. But then I injured my back again on a computer chair I bought from Staples. The chair broke as I was sitting at my computer and a stem from the chair jammed right into my back.

It was almost like an episode of Seinfeld where a sofa bed injured Elaine’s back and nothing could be done about it. Furniture companies profits are more important than people being injured and you can prove it was the sofa or chair that injured your back. Later I found out this chair was known to break and that’s why was on sale. But it wasn’t cheap, it was still over $100. They knew this chair was defective and they sold it anyway, because they knew it didn’t matter how many people’s back’s were injured, nobody would be able to prove it. So that’s another company I would sue if I had time to do it. Because these furniture companies that injure people’s backs need to be sued out of business. I told this motorcycle gang about it and they just laughed at me and thought it was funny. It was like they owned these businesses.

The murder rap guy named Nick on Dr Phil, probably didn’t even suffer as much back pain as I did. But for Doctor Phil to tell him to go get a job, rather than be concerned about his back injury, medical treatment and sue in the industry responsible for his back injury, he just told him, to go get another job. Nick had been on drugs and there’s no doubt that the back injury had something to do with that. Because many people who suffer back injuries end up addicted to drugs. Sometimes the drugs get them through the back pain until the back heels, but then they have to deal with the drug addiction. But Doctor Phil wasn’t even concerned about his back injury.

Now I believe Nick is just a propaganda stunt by big corporations. Because they really wouldn’t put anybody on Doctor Phil who actually suffered chronic back pain. They want to find someone who’s faking back pain, to make everybody else look like they’re faking back pain also. They do this with women who fake being raped also, to take credibility away from all the women who were actually raped. This is the way the elite capitalist work.

If Nick really suffered back pain, like most people do, who are injured in car accidents or on the job, enough to drive them to being a drug addict or take prescription drugs. Nick would have used his constitutional right to bear arms, put a loaded gun to Doctor Phil’s head, blew Doctor Phil’s brains out of his Fucking ass and then told Doctor Phil to go get a Fucking job, letting people Fuck him in the bullet hole. Duo unto others as they would do unto you, type of thing. What makes Doctor Phil believe, that if someone use their right to bear arms to put a bullet through his head, that Doctor Phil suffered more than the guy with the back pain? His back pain probably feels like five bullet holes.

Someone needs to go on the Doctor Phil show and blow Doctor Phil’s brains out of his ass and as Doctor Phil is laying on the floor with brain matter and blood spewing out of his head, tell the lazy ass Doctor Phil to get off his lazy ass and get a job letting people Fuck him in that bullet hole. Because if Doctor Phil doesn’t get a job let people Fuck them in that bullet hole, then he is just a lazy paranoid schizophrenic hypochondriac trying to get out of work. Doctor Phil needs to be treated like he treats others. I read medical journals, the brain doesn’t feel pain. So if Doctor Phil doesn’t get off his ass and get a job after someone puts a bullet through his head, than that is absolute proof is a lazy paranoid schizophrenic hypochondriac trying to get out of work. Jesus sets you free jobs are slavery. If you preach the truth they will kill you. But if you die for the gospel of truth that jobs are slavery, God will give you immortal life.

It’s getting to the point where I can’t even go out of my house, they are trying to kill me, because they know I suffered $450 billion worth of pain from my job injury and they don’t want to pay me. My job is to get the $450 billion from my last job injury. And to sue workers comp for every penny they own. These people are promising me jobs as presidents. What the Fuck? You need to pay me for my last job injury. Not about me going getting another job, it’s about you learning jobs are slavery in a crime against humanity. The true Jesus sets you free.

Doctor Phil tells you to go get a job and claims if someone puts five bullets through his head, that he’ll get a job letting five people Fuck him in the head. Why should anyone have to pay for inflicting pain on Doctor Phil, when Doctor Phil doesn’t believe anybody else should be paid for their suffering? Doctor Phil is a hypocrite. Let me write a rap song for Nick. Titled.

Doctor Phil the Lazy Hypochondriac.

I went to see Doctor Phil with chronic back pain, Doctor Phil told me to get a job, so I put a bullet through his fucking brain.

There Doctor Phil lay lying on the floor, Told Doctor Phil you can get a job, as a whore.

Letting people Fuck you in the head, You’ll never even have to, get out of the bed.

If you really believe, that you suffered more than I, then you made a conscious decision, to die.

What makes you believe, those who make others suffer, don’t have to pay?

Maybe you don’t believe in God or judgment day?

I don’t know why, you keep taking that pill, that makes you believe, the injured worker, is mentally ill.

Cops are the criminals, Mafia runs Vegas, with your tax bracket, prison inmates are just disabled victims, of their racket.

The time is coming, when the government will shut down, no police to protect you, you’ll be wearing a frown.


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