More Truth You Can’t Handle about the Las Vegas Shooting, January 27, 2018.

The Las Vegas shooting isn’t any different than the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre. The St. Valentine’s Day massacre was a Mafia turf war. Different Mafia cartels, fought against each other for rights to open bars, gambling houses, strip clubs and any profitable business. Just like biker’s and gangs fight over turf, of who’s going to sell drugs or hookers on the corner. Believe it or not even the pimps fight over whose hookers are going to stand on the corner in red light districts.

Two biker gangs from Hazel Park and another city where fighting against each other when I lived in Warren Michigan. One biker gang stole the other biker gangs motorcycle. They’re just like kids, so they have to go and steal two of the other gangs Harleys. It used to be one gang would kill another gang member, then that gang would have to go and kill two of their rival gang members.

Las Vegas shooting reminds me of the gang wars, you kill five of ours, and we kill 50 of yours. Just like the Mafia thugs back in the 30s. The war in Iraq was nothing but the Bush family Mafia against the Bath family Mafia. And yes the Bush family is a Mafia. The father was the president, George was the governor of Texas and his brother Jeb was the governor of Florida. Another relative was the head of FEMA while another relative was head of security at the World Trade Center. His family basically ran the United States and his brother is still governor, I believe. The Bush family Mafia still controls much of the United States. When I told him about the water shortage, they bought up all the water supplies. Instead of doing what God wanted them to do of regulating the water. The Bush family Mafia will dearly pay when Jesus returns for that one.

There’s been several bombings and shootings over gambling rights. Not anyone can open up a casino. You have to get a gambling license. Those licenses are only granted to certain Mafia crime families. If somebody else somehow gets a license, they will probably find their hotel blown up or burned down. The only way to end these bombings and shootings, is to make gambling and prostitution illegal.

What a lot of people don’t know, is that not everyone can become a lawyer either. Even if you go to school to become a lawyer and graduate, those positions are only for the corrupt. Most people who graduate college to be a lawyer, never become a lawyer. You can’t get a job with the law firm, unless you have Mafia crime family connections. One stripper at a strip club told me she was injured at a strip club and instead of suing, she was promised a job as a lawyer. She knew how the system worked. That it didn’t even matter about education. It’s all about your ties to the Mafia crime family, that’s running the state.

There is some evidence that this might be a hired military operation. So that the Bundy’s could keep their ranch and not do any jail time for the criminal activity, the state had against them. People who were investigating the Las Vegas shooting, turned their attention to the Bundy trial. I am talking this Jason Goodman and this Jake more phony than us. They were more interested in the Bundy trial, then the Las Vegas shooting. This is how they use intimidation, to get the government to drop their criminal case against someone. This is how they got the government to drop the case against George Zimmerman. All these gun nuts and state militia groups, started intimidating the government, that there might be a revolution, if Zimmerman was found guilty of murdering a black child in cold blood. Just like the cops protect their own in a blue code of silence, these people have a Christian militia, code of silence, of those fighting for the fake dead plastic Jesus.

Even though Casey Anthony was found not guilty. Cops are still trying to frame her because her truth exposes the pizza gate child abduction and murderers who are in power. Nancy Grace was only a tool used by the pedophiles, to point their finger in another direction. Casey Anthony was already tried and found not guilty. They shouldn’t be able to try her again. But if they do then that means we can charge George Zimmerman again, for the murder of Trey von Martin, when we show the world his Google search for, “how to shoot a black child in the heart, in a white neighborhood and get away with it”. Of course Google corrected his search and said we could not find any results for that search, would you like us to try instead, “how to kill a Nigger in a white neighborhood and get away with it”. Those search results were found on 100 Ku Klux Klan Aryan white nationalist Confederates web sites. Just kidding of course. I forgot I have to tell people when you’re joking.

Whoever did the Las Vegas shooting is also behind the psychological propaganda of pushing the idea that aliens did the shooting. They purposely do this, to make the truth seekers look crazy. Oh you’re one of those people who believe space aliens did the Las Vegas shooting? Jesus wants me to take names. The people who are pushing this propaganda about space aliens to make the rest of us truth seekers look like a bunch of tinfoil hat crazy people, are going to see their day in FEMA death camps, when Jesus returns. They know that this is psychological operations, to make truth seekers look crazy. This is the same thing they put out with the flat Earth people. It’s all about getting truth seekers to look like their mental idiots. And I have to admit that it’s working pretty well because anybody who is stupid enough to be deceived to believe space aliens did the Las Vegas shooting, should be sent to FEMA death camps. When you see someone trying to push the propaganda, that space aliens did the Las Vegas shooting, not only should you unsubscribe to their channel, not only should you thumb down their videos, you should take the names of all the people watching that channel. Somebody said what did you listen to the whole video there is some truth in it? Yes they are getting some truth off of my channel and other truth seekers channels and mixing it with the space aliens to make me and other truth seekers channels look crazy.

This is what Alex Jones does with the truth. He is a CIA propagandist that mixes truth in with UFOs, Giants, Bigfoot, flat Earth and other total nonsense, to make true truth seekers look Fucking nuts. I don’t care if the earth is flat, square or triangle. Those who support abortion, legalized gambling, pornography, legalized marijuana for anyone except dying cancer patients, are just as evil as the people who did the shooting in Las Vegas and the pedophilia child molesters. There is corruption in every level of government, the cops, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, Congress, the governor’s, Senators, mayors and even city Council in every city and state throughout United States. The only way we can fight against evil, is when we start identifying the evil. Anyone who supports abortion, is evil and should not be a policeman, CIA, FBI, NSA, Congressman Governor, Mayor, Senator or even be elected to city Council. There is just no way in hell that Jesus supports abortion. There is no God that supports abortion. Only the devil himself would support abortion. Abortion is satanic and everybody knows it. Everyone who believes in God and not the fake dead plastic Jesus, knows abortion is unethical, immoral, evil and baby murder. We are to seek God’s kingdom first.

There’s no gambling in God’s kingdom. Anybody who supports the legalization of gambling, should not hold a position of power. They should not be a cop, FBI, CIA, NSA, Congressman, Governor, Senator, Mayor or member of city Council.

Don’t believe in the lie that Mandalay Bay created 1000 jobs. We seen the Las Vegas video footage. We seen the Mexicans who worked at the hotel. There is no doubt that these were illegal alien Mexicans. I’m not just talking about Jesus Campos who had no licence. The Las Vegas video footage showed Mexican maids handing out coffee and supplies the Las Vegas victims. This hotel makes $1 billion a year and so all they do is employ illegal aliens to save a few dollars. Gambling is not creating jobs, it’s creating illegal aliens.

Las Vegas gambling is costing jobs. Every year Mandalay Bay makes $1 billion, that is $1 billion worth of money Americans don’t have to spend on new cars. That’s $1 billion Americans don’t have the spend on new houses. That’s why the construction business and real estate market is crashing and millions of people are losing their jobs, for the 1000 illegal Mexican jobs Mandalay Bay created. That billion dollars that Mandalay Bay takes in every year, is $1 billion Americans don’t have to spend in restaurants, bars, on furniture, electronics, etc. In fact no matter what business you have, Mandalay Bay taken in the billion dollars of American money every year, is $1 billion a year your business is losing to them. This is just the money, business and jobs Mandalay Bay is taken away from American businessman and American citizens. Were not even talking about the rest of the casinos. If your business is losing money, it’s because Las Vegas is taking it. That’s the truth you can’t handle.

There was a bunch of people that used to come down to sing karaoke every Thursday and Friday night. I haven’t seen them at the bar spending their money lately. But I seen them in a Las Vegas video. They were at the route 91 concert throwing all their money into slot machines no doubt. Now wonder they can’t afford to come to the bar and sing karaoke anymore.

There is not going to be any porno in God’s kingdom. Anybody who supports the legalization of pornography should not be a cop. They should not work for the FBI, the CIA, NSA. They should not be a governor, a senator, a congressman or a mayor. They should not even be elected to city Council. Jesus said you know them by their works. You can identify the evil by what they do believe in. If they believe pornography should be legal, they are not a man of God. In fact if they believe pornography should be legal, that identifies them as being evil. Don’t even date somebody who believes pornography should be legal.

Now many people are addicted to pornography. People are addicted to gambling. People are addicted to cigarettes. People are addicted to alcohol. I’m even addicted to caffeine. And I’m not just addicted to any type of coffee, I’m addicted to the expensive stuff. I can not even drink the cheap stuff anymore. If the reader has to be A&P 8 o’clock coffee or this roasted in Detroit coffee. I think caffeine should be illegal. Although it would be cruel to make caffeine, pornography, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling illegal, after people have been addicted to it, I would’ve been a lot better off if alcohol, gambling, tobacco, caffeine and pornography was never legal for me to become addicted. In fact I believe the tobacco companies owe me millions of dollars for getting me addicted to tobacco. I believe the gambling casinos should pay me millions of dollars, for getting me addicted to gambling. The same with the pornography and alcohol industries.

When they actually start to have to pay for the damage they do to people, they will not only not be profitable, they will be billions of dollars in debt and their children and their grandchildren, will have to pay for it. It’s not just that they get you addicted to tobacco, once your addicted to tobacco, you can only smoke their brand of cigarettes. I realized that when I smoked Marlboro’s, if I ran out of cigarettes, I could not smoke a different brand. I could smoke a brand that was made by RJ Reynolds, but I couldn’t smoke another brand made by a different tobacco companies. Because they put chemicals in those cigarettes so that you could only smoke their brand. It’s all for profit. Evil, evil, evil people.

Once you learn how these evil people work and how they manipulate society, then you can understand how to fight against them. Jesus taught us how. He taught us how to identify the evil. Everybody knows that gambling, prostitution, cigarettes, marijuana, drugs and alcohol are bad. We all know God is very much against heavy drinkers. Why would you elect any of these people or want any of these people in positions of power as a police officer, FBI, CIA, NSA, governor, senator, Congressman, Mayor or even city Council? People should be well rewarded for good behavior. Those jobs should only be given to people who have a high moral and ethical standard. It’s almost the exact opposite. Only murderers with the guns, were elected to positions of power. If you didn’t believe that you should be able to have a gun and kill someone without a trial jury or judge you got elected. It’s as if everybody wanted the devil to rule over them.

I wouldn’t even date a woman who had a tattoo. That’s just my moral and ethical standard. I may have my vices, because I was addicted when I was younger and once addicted it’s very hard to change, but even then, I know these things should be banned. Because there’s no way I can quit drinking coffee, or alcohol. I’ve cut down on my alcohol and would like to be able to live alcohol free. But that’s almost impossible in this crazy world. It seems like everything they do, is to drive you to drink. I really believe it is like one man said, that once someone is raised as a racist, they cannot get rid of all of those racist ideologies. Just like Christianity. Those false Christian beliefs are embedded in the people and cannot be changed. The false belief that Jesus died so you can sin, has been brainwashed into Christians and seared with a hot iron so that they cannot release that false belief. Even when Jesus returns and tells them to their face, that he didn’t die to pay for their sins and they’re going to be tossed into the lake of fire, many of them will choose to be tossed into the lake of fire, than give up their false belief. The Bible is not contradictory. It says the penalty for sin is death and not the death of God, it’s talking about the death of the sinner. Satan thinks he’s winning but I believe the nuclear war is going to change things. Nobody who believes gambling, prostitution, abortion, pornography, marijuana, tobacco, guns, should be legal, is going to survive the nuclear war. Nuclear fallout shelter should not be reserved, for anyone who believes in these things.

For some reason we are not listening to what Jesus said. Jesus said we know them by their works. Do they support abortion? Do they support legalized gambling? Do they support legalized prostitution? Do they support the tobacco companies making billions in profit, when they are killing millions of Americans? Do they support turning women into porn stars? Is that what you think Jesus wants, porn stars? Do you think there’s going to be anybody in the porn industry when Jesus returns? Jesus is God and the purpose of the Messiah is to prepare the earth for Jesus return. Do you want to be in a position of power that supports pornography when Jesus returns? Do you want to be in a position of power that supports prostitution, abortion, gambling, marijuana, the pharmaceutical companies that kill millions, when Jesus returns? I’m going to guarantee you that every man in a position of power that supports these things is going to be tossed in the lake of fire when Jesus returns. Don’t say you weren’t warned. And if you want to claim that I’m insane or crazy, so that you can do these things and think you can get away with it, well at least I washed my hands of your sins. But anyone who even votes for somebody who supports legalized gambling, prostitution, abortion, pornography, guns or any other immoral or unethical behavior, is just as guilty as those in power and we will see their eternity in the lake of fire.


The penalty for sin is death, gambling should be illegal, Pornography should be illegal, prostitution should be illegal, guns should be illegal, the gospel of Timothy, .


We will probably never know who did the Las Vegas shooting with so much propaganda and bullshit put out by the media and you tubers. But the truth is that anybody who supports gambling, abortion, prostitution, pornography, tobacco, guns or legalized marijuana, are just as evil as any pedophile or Las Vegas shooter. The most likely suspect in the Vegas shooting is Mafia turf wars, similar to the St. Valentine’s Day massacre and the Bush family versus Bath family Iraq war. © Copyright ©1996-2017 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.