My Message to Sheriff Lombardo, Here’s the Proof, January 23, 2018.

You look pretty stressed out and I think you should NOT look at the press and YouTube as the enemy. These people want to know what happened and they are even willing to help. People on YouTube are willing to go frame by frame through these videos looking for evidence. How come you’re not letting people help you? This is not a us and them thing. We are all American citizens seeking the truth. There may be some rogue agents in the FBI who chose to serve the Mafia who runs Vegas. But I don’t think you’re part of the Mafia. You’re just trying to do your job.

You got to decide whether you are looking for the truth or whether you’re trying to cover up for the FBI and the Vegas Mafia. You said in the last Vegas update, that you want people to show you the evidence. Well we have evidence, that the FBI is trying to cover up the Las Vegas shooting. Somebody videos the FBI rolling up the concert ground turf, painting over the blood evidence and patching up the bullet holes. We have former police officers telling us that cops are not doing an investigation. They simply picked up a dead body off the ground and threw it on the back of a truck as if it was a sack of trash. It’s on video. You didn’t see the video? The FBI is busy covering up this Las Vegas shooting, when they should have been gathering evidence, measuring bullet trajectories and been looking for evidence of other shooters. Don’t just look the other way, when the FBI is trying to cover this whole thing up, and then tell the people, show us the evidence? It looks like you’re afraid of the FBI. Are they threatening you? I’m sorry we don’t believe the story that Mandalay Bay owns the security video footage and you can’t get a copy. That is evidence in a crime scene. Get a court order and a subpoena to get that video footage. If you can’t get that video footage because of FBI intimidation, Mafia intimidation or Mandalay Bay intimidation, then seek help from the media. Meet with investigators on YouTube, who are searching for the truth. If they’re making you fear for your life, use 4Chan or contact me and I’ll make sure that your anonymous.

All the thousands of hours of video footage you have, should be uploaded to a server somewhere. I’m sure Google drive will give you some space, so that news media and YouTube users can help you in the investigation. People are trying to look for the truth on YouTube and they’re running into problems. Because people claim that this crime scene video footage is somehow copyrighted. If there isn’t a law against copy writing evidence in a crime, there should be a law against it. This taxidriver took out her camera and she’s complaining she only made $900 on the crime scene video. People are calling her a hero, when she should be in jail for trying to profit off a crime scene. I have to admit the news media made millions off that video, but they shouldn’t have. These are not MTV videos were people spent millions of dollars to make. A crime took place and they took out their camera and I don’t think that’s any work at all. All those videos should be uploaded to a Google drive, so that news and YouTube users, wanting to help in this investigation, can download those videos so they can do frame by frame searches for evidence etc. This could be the first time in history, where the public and news media, works together with the police, to solve a crime.

The videos should all be up converted to 1080 P and they should have timestamps and frame stamps put in them so that people can discuss them. There is computer and forensic software that can get the original time and date the video was made. That time and date can be overlaid in the video along with the frame number. This way people can discuss what they see in the video and not say it somewhere two minutes into the video. Videos can be read like roadmaps. In this video I re-rendered it with a time and date stamp so that it can be discussed. It is not the original time because I don’t know what that is. I had to do a screen capture of this video. I don’t have the original to extract the time and date from the metadata on the video file. But to search for information in the video, you should be able to go to the exact time, exact second and the exact frame of the video. Then if it that’s a 1080 P video, 1920 by 1080 you should be able to go to the exact pixel, to point something out. Pixel 960 x 540 should be right in the middle of the video for example.

At 00:00:38: Frame number 29 shows a bullet trajectory coming from 43 in the sky. A bullet enters this watermelon and spews out watermelon juice upon entry. The exact same way blood spews out of someone’s leg at 38 seconds, in what I call the Terra Green video. This video is low-quality it’s only a screen capture. But you can clearly see the bullet trajectory and the bullet hitting the ground and somebody’s leg in this frame. You wanted to see the evidence and I’m showing you the evidence, that bullets were shot from a helicopter. The bullets are coming from the direction of the airport at 43 in the sky.

Now there is no timestamp on this video so I’m not sure about the time. But Jake Morphonios made a YouTube video about the helicopters and it would be very easy to look at the time, that, that bullet, hit the leg at 38 seconds and compare it to the helicopter in Jake’s video, that was flying by at the time. The second shooter will be in that helicopter.

I would not kowtow to the news media. If I would’ve written your speech, it would’ve went like this. You can tweak it if you like.

My name is Sherif Lombardo and I’m not here to answer your questions. I’m here to seek some answers. I’m going to tell you what we are willing to release, without tipping off potential criminals. I’m giving this Las Vegas update to get your support, we need your help. We will be up loading the thousands of hours of video footage to a server with time and frame stamps on them. Only people who register with their real name and phone number, will be able to download these videos for further investigation. These videos are evidence in a crime and they can’t be copyrighted. We are going to seek new laws to make sure future evidence in a crime is not copyrighted. Nobody and I mean nobody, should profit off of crime scene evidence. The people who do profit off of it, are more evil than the criminals that were seeking to catch. I think this will be the first time in history police are going to consider news media and the public as fellow investigators on a crime. To download the videos you’re going to have to register your name, address and phone number. You need to trust us, for us to put some trust in you. We don’t want criminals, downloading these videos. If you have any questions, you can tweat them to @LVPD, but don’t expect an answer. If it is a good question and were not going to end up releasing information that would tip off potential criminals, we will answer them in our next update. I’m not going to answer questions on the spot, that I don’t have time to put thought into. Thank you very much for your time and I will look forward to working together with the media and YouTube investigators.


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After watching the last Vegas update of Sherif Lombardo I decided to make a YouTube for him. This is the evidence of the 43 helicopter shooting trajectories.

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