Las Vegas Shooting Smoking Gun Proof Pixel by Pixel, February 6, 2018.

I tried to show in this picture where the shots are coming from 43 in the air. But some people can’t see the blood spatter in the picture. So I wrote a program that would turn this spatter blood red. It’s kinda gruesome, so I should put a warning that it’s very graphic and not for children.

When the bullet hit the body, blood and flesh splatters out in a funnel shape. It’s very hard to see in this picture, however the camera and the computer has better eyes than we do. It can see what we can’t. The computer can paint in over 16 million colors. In macro express it depicts the color black as zero and the color white as over 16 million colors. The color yellow seems to be closer to black than white. As we all know white is a mixture of all the colors together and black is the absence of color. So all the other colors are between zero and over 16 million. The computer can see even the slightest bit of color change.

The computer program I wrote, will open and scan second 38 frame 28 of what I call the Tara Green video. This is the frame just before the bullet strikes the body. It will scan pixel by pixel in the area where the bullet hit. A total of 1050 pixels. The frame itself is 1280 x 738, a total of more than 91,000 pixels. Some only going to scan the portion of the frame I want to see change. The computer mouse will move to screen pixel 582 in the Y vertical field row. That’s up and down. And it will move to the X horizontal line pixel 785. That’s right to left. It will record the screen position and the pixel color under the mouse, into a database. It will also paste that information into works database, so that you can see it. It will scan 30 pixels across, recording each pixel in the database, move down one pixel and scan across again. Until it scans 30 lines.

Then the program will open second 38 frame 29. That’s the frame where the bullet hit. It will scan the database for the screen position in the previously saved database and move the mouse to that position. Then it will get the pixel color under the mouse and compare that pixel color, to the same screen position pixel color as frame 28. If there is a change in pixel color, the computer program will paint that pixel red, so that you can see it. Ideally, it would be better to simply lighten the color, to make it seem more realistic. But that would be a lot more complicated program to change the color in paint for every pixel. I would have to convert the macro express pixel color to red, blue, green and then open properties in paint to change every single pixel. The way I’m doing it now, it is just going to paint every pixel bright red, that is different.

However the database, doesn’t lie. This is not opinion. This is computer science. This is basic math. This is going to be the future of forensic investigation. This information can be used in a court trial as scientific evidence. We can see in the database the flow of pixel colors. We can see how it starts off at the bottom as a funnel, only four pixels wide. Each scanned line above it grows a few pixels wider. Given us the trajectory of the bullet. The cameras sees better than the human eye. If I was to scan frame 28, before the bullet hit, I believe I could capture the bullet in the air. If the bullet was in the frame. The camera can capture even the slightest change in color and our eyes can’t.

I’m going to run the program, so you can see how it works. But first I want to show you some other things I found by using this program. I found four shots hitting the ground. The machine gun is hitting the ground in a sweeping manner. Hit someone at second 39:00 to frame 01. If we go backward frame by frame, it hits a man here at second 38 frame 28-29. We can see it hits a man here at 38 frame 22-23, he jumps a little bit when hit. Bullet hits another man at 38 frame 26 27. It seems to be a double gunshot flash at 36 frame 12 and at 36 frame 04. Now some of the shots might becoming from the sound tent. The bullet trajectories seem to be pointing that way. I haven’t scanned the rest of these gunshot areas yet. I have to change the settings in my computer program to scan different areas. I just scanned this one area to show you how this computer program works.

I do believe shots are coming from the sound tent. In the beginning of the video you see all these people running along the fence line. After the machine-gun flash in the sound tent, nobody’s running along the fence anymore. At this point the people seem to realize, gunfire is coming from the sound tent and you could see people running to the right, after the machine-gun fire stops. Nobody’s running along the sound tent anymore at this point. This is the end of the shooting. In the beginning of the shooting I think shots were fired from the fourth floor, from the helicopter and then the last shot seem to be coming from the sound tent and people on the ground.

The reason why the sound is not in sync with the gunfire, is because the cell phone was not powerful enough to capture the audio and video in sync. This is the video I downloaded. It’s in 12 80 x 7 38. If we look at this video codecs statistics in VLC, we can see the audio lost 246 buffers and the video lost 249 frames. This means the phone camera, was not powerful enough to capture all the frames and audio buffers. This is why the sound is not in sync with the video.

Okay so I’ll run the program. Then I’ll make a video and put in some still shots on my website. I’ll leave a link below to the still shots. I’ll explain the computer program as it’s running. Let me close this mouse locator and hit control 7 to run the program.

So it opens up second 38 frame 28. Changes the pixel color to red and selects a pencil with a thin line. You can see the pencil scanning across one pixel at a time for 30 pixels. Then the pencil will go down the line until it scans 30 lines. Now it will paste the screen position and pixel color into works database. And make a copy on my hard drive. Then it will open second 38 frame 29 where the bullet hit. It will take the previously created database and move the pencil along the pre-recorded screen position and compare pixel color from the previous scan. If the pixel color has changed it will paint that pixel bright red. In the bottom left part of the screen you can see the screen pixel position. When it’s done scanning, it will past the recorded pixel color and the color change difference from the last scan. A negative number will mean the pixel color is darker in a positive number will mean the pixel color is brighter.

Now we can see by looking at the database, the funnel of four pixels on the bottom scan. And each scanned that goes up is a pixel or two wider. Although I painted every pixel bright red, we can see by the scan difference, the variations in color.


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I wrote a computer program to highlight the bullets hitting bodies on the ground. Pixel color changes, when bullies hit the bodies. It’s very hard to see because they are only slight color changes. Where the colors change from frame to frame I changed the color to bright red so we can see where the bullets are hitting. The computer can see over 16 million colors. I also record the pixel color before and after the bullet hits. Although it’s very hard for us to see this color, the computer can see that some pixels change by over 1 million shades whereas we can barely see the change. © Copyright 1996-2017 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.