Satan is a liar and deceiver. He is a teacher of lies. He is an opposer of God's will. It is Gods will to make all men immortal by resurrecting them from the dead. Satan says the exact oposite of what God says.

The one called Jesus, never tried to overthrow the Government, He tried to overthrow the Church. No one has followed the true Jesus. The Church is in Satans power. Jesus does not heal injuries, unfortunalty Christians have to get into a car accedent to learn this fact.

Before we can see God, there must be a falling away from Church first, so the men of sin can be known, 2nd Thessalonians 2:3,4. When people see God, they stop going to Church. You can't see God when your dead. The only sin there is, is to set up a false image of God in your heart, a invisible image of God is a false image and a sin. Mortals are not saved, they only think they are. The penalty for sin is death.

Original Bible says," where two or more are gathered, they make themselves gods", Satan's Church turns things around to benefit them. When people gather, there is pear pressure. When people are in a Gang, they follow the group, and their conscious does't bother them.

Satan's Church says God is all powerful, but can't explain why God does not use His power to become visible. Moses said no man could see God, while Moses saw God, Ex. 24:9-11, 33:11. God has the power to make Himself visible. Those who know this truth cannot be kept within the vail. They will see God. God cannot lie, nor will He deceive.

In the past Priest and Doctors are one and the same and all die in the hands of Doctors. Doctors and Priest deceive people until they grow old and die. The dead are not allowed into heaven. You must seek to see God while you are alive. Sibylline Oracle says when one sees God, they become immortal. Doctors serve the image of the Greek god caduceus.

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