School Shootings Will Not Stop, until Ted Nugent Is Charged with Murder, March 14, 2018.

This is going to be my last video. The cable company has raised my rates to $35 a month and it’s not worth it. I might make some videos and upload them at the bar, but, most of my stuff is being stolen and used against me by these mentally ill people with guns. Or it’s used to promote Christianity, the most evil religion on earth. I can pretty much guarantee you, there’s not going to be any Christians alive when Jesus returns to earth. Jesus was not a Christian. Don’t lie and tell people Jesus was a Christian. Jesus would not be caught dead in a Christian church. Unless he was dead and nailed to a cross.

I’m going to be working with the United Nations to have Ted Nugent, Wayne LaPierre, Alex Jones, Howard Stern and all these other gun lunatics, charged with murder and crimes against humanity, for providing guns to criminals and the mentally ill, if they go to another country. The NRA is too powerful in the United States, but they don’t control laws in other countries. Because these guys provided guns to school shooters, they must be held criminally responsible for the children killed. Because they provided guns to the mentally ill, the depressed and the suicidal, they must be held criminally responsible for their deaths.

Guns were never used to save lives and the proof of that, is another 3500 children were killed today by abortion. All these gun nuts do, is spread lies and nonsense. They’re going to make sure guns stay legal, so they can kill another 3500 children tomorrow, by abortion enslave people with Jobs and they protect the abortion doctors. Guns were never used to set men free. Because we are all enslaved with jobs. Guns were never used to keep children from being MK ultra brainwashed, in public schools or Christianity. Christianity was against Jesus from day one. When they murdered him and nailed him to a cross, to claim that Jesus died, so that you can commit sin and be a murderer with a gun. I will have my address on my web page, for those interested in joining the Timothean religion.

God said that all other religions are going to be destroyed and only my religion has the truth and it will only be given to Timothean members, who write to my address. Jesus is God and I am the Messiah and if you don’t believe that you made someone else your Messiah and somebody else your God. Jesus is not the Messiah. I don’t care how many Christians you have, that think he is. This is the end of the world and judgment is coming. I’m not even going to debate someone who demotes Jesus down to a Messiah Man. I don’t care if you don’t believe that I’m the Messiah. When you demoted Jesus down to a man, you committed a unforgivable sin. You can’t demote God down to a man and expect to have immortality.

There are some people on YouTube, that claim they are members of my religion. However, if you haven’t wrote to the address on my webpage, you are not a member of the Timothean religion. The Internet is so controlled by Satanism, demonized Christianity, that I don’t believe you can believe in God and go on the Internet at the same time. Write to the address on my web page, if you want to join the religion. I have at least 20 books that I wrote and copyrighted and that have never been read by anyone. Artificial intelligence was my idea and you could read about it in my book Helen a thinking computer program that can read and learn, that I copyrighted in 1997. There was a Nova special on TV that I wrote and someone stole my writing and used it on PBS. But I have the copyrighted book to prove I wrote it and they stole it. I sent a copy of it to the Clintons and that’s how they got it. But I don’t think they knew that I actually copyrighted it before they stole it.

The books are only available through mail order. You can only join the religion by mail order or if I meet you in a bar, restaurant or somewhere in person. If you wrote to the address on my webpage and didn’t get through because the government, CIA or Christian run post offices, did not allow the mail to get through, meet me at a bar in Fraser Michigan. Everybody knows who I am. Just ask for GoTimothy.

Have you seen this Ted Nugent YouTube? YouTube link below. Ted Nugent doesn’t seem to recognize the dishonesty, that hatred gun owners have, for anyone trying to make some common sense gun laws. These guys are not animal lovers. That Nugent was on the board of directors of the national rifle Association for more than 26 years. Each of those 26 years, 35,000 Americans were able to commit suicide. Because Nugent was against any kind of gun control, that would keep guns out of the hands of the suicidal or the mentally ill. He talks about a gift of life from God, but he thinks there some kind of God-given right to kill. Nugent is so demon possessed, only charging him with murder and putting him to death by lethal injection, by law-abiding God-fearing people, will wake him up.

All these guys like Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, Wayne LaPierre, Howard Stern, all need to be charged with second-degree murder, for providing the weapon to the mentally ill school shooter. That is second-degree murder. Because more than one child was killed, we can seek the death penalty. Because the NRA is so powerful in the United States, I’m going to try to get crimes against humanity laws passed in other countries of the United Nations, so if these guys go to another country, they will be charged for murder in that country. This is the law of God, not the law of mentally ill people, with guns.

When you provide a gun to a monkey and the monkey shoots someone, you don’t put the monkey in prison. You put the person who gave the monkey a gun in prison. When you provide a weapon to a two-year-old child and the two-year-old child shoots and kills someone, you don’t put the two-year-old child in prison. You put the person who provided the two-year-old with a gun in prison. When the mentally ill kill someone, you can’t charge the mentally ill with murder. Because they are mentally incompetent to stand trial. The only people you could try for murder, when the mentally ill go on a shooting spree, is Wayne LaPierre, Ted Nugent, Alex Jones, Howard Stern and any of these other radio and TV personalities, who allowed the mentally ill to have guns, by banning any kind of background checks or psychological exams for gun owners.

It’s not about banning guns. It’s about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally incompetent, suicidal, and the mentally ill. First of all in the second amendment well-regulated means gun control. Anybody that doesn’t believe that, is mentally incompetent, uneducated, and not legally able to own a gun. All registered gun owners must be questioned and examined.

If they don’t believe well-regulated means gun control, they must lose their right to bear arms. The Second Amendment is a change to the Constitution. If they don’t understand that nobody defended the Constitution, when these murdering gun owners, snuck this Second Amendment into the Constitution, under the noses of our forefathers who fought and died for it, they must lose their right to bear arms.

Guns have never been used to save the lives of over 3500 babies a day, that are murdered by abortion. If they believe gun save lives, they are mentally incompetent to legally own a gun. Guns have only been used to make sure abortion became legal, in a way of genocide.

They must be educated in a civilized society. About 2 million years ago, men lived in caves and hunted and gathered. Then civilized society started to develop. People went to schools to be educated. We no longer shoot animals in a civilized society. Men don’t go around with clubs and bat women over the head anymore, like they did in the cavemen days. We are not cavemen. We are still somewhat uncivilized, because we still eat chicken, pork and beef. But we don’t shoot these chickens, pigs and cows. Because that is uncivilized. It causes pain and suffering to the animals. When you teach children how to shoot and kill animals, it desensitize’s them to the animals pain and suffering. When you dismember the animals body parts, these children are more likely to become murderers and serial killers. I have watched a lot of the FBI files on TV. This is not a movie like CSI. These are real murderers and serial killers. In the criminal profiling, when they find a dismembered murdered human being, the criminal profiling points to a hunter, in many of the cases. They can tell by the way the body was dismembered, if it was one of these hunters, or if it was a amateur. When you find someone who is murdered by a gun, it’s guaranteed, that this is a gun enthusiast, that did the murder. It wasn’t somebody who was against guns. Keywords.

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I’m canceling my cable internet on March 16th, 2018. So I won’t be making many videos unless I upload them at the library or a bar. I’m going to be working behind the scenes from now on. If you want to join the Timothean religion right to the address on my webpage I have many writings and books and months to say to people who believe Jesus is God and not demote him down to a man Messiah. When you demoted Jesus down to a man, you made someone else your God. When you rejected me as the Messiah, you made someone else your Messiah. I’m not giving information on the Internet to people who are going to claim that they are the Messiah, by stealing my wisdom and knowledge like Donald Trump and Alex Jones did. They’ve been stealing my wisdom and knowledge for years. That’s coming to an end after 16 March.

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