The NRA & the Gun Lobby, Is the Deep State, March 3, 2018.

These are the people that are manipulating the truth in the news. These are the people putting out the fake news. People like Wayne Lapierre, Glenn beck, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, John Oliver and all of these other pro-gun nuts, were funded and made famous by the gun lobby. You don’t have to know how to sing to be famous. If you support guns, they will make you a rock star. If you support guns, they will give you a TV show. This is why everybody in media supports guns and nobody can be president, unless they support guns.

Delta airline decided not to support the NRA anymore. Do you think the NRA is for free speech? Do you think the NRA is for freedom of decision? No they’re not and they proved that they weren’t, when Delta airline decided not to support the NRA and they raised their fuel taxes and cost Delta airline $50 million. The NRA put Kmart out of business, when they stopped selling bullets. This is proof that there is no freedom as long as there is the NRA and the gun lobby. Anybody who goes against them is either killed or destroyed financially. They are worse than the Mafia. They are 1 million times more evil than Adolf Hitler. Jesus said they are the devil themselves, they came to kill and destroy.

If you don’t play with the NRA, you don’t have free speech, you don’t become a famous rock star, you don’t get on TV, they basically intimidate you into doing their will. After everyone of these gun shootings, you won’t see on the major fake news networks, run by the gun lobby and the NRA, talking about banning guns. They are only talking about, “well if everybody in the school had a gun there wouldn’t be any more shootings. That’s absolutely ludicrous, that armed guards in the school, would have stopped the shooting. Armed guards would have only created more death and a shootout. This is why armed police officers were not allowed to go into the school to confront the gunmen. It would it caused more death and everybody with a brain except the brainwashed zombies at the NRA knows this. Because there’s nobody with a brain at the NRA. The only people that would be against bullet numbering, is criminals, and every NRA member is against bullet numbering proven that 100% of them are criminals. I can call the NRA and its members criminals, because it is a fact. That’s why they can’t sue me in court. They don’t want to see me in court because I would call upon God to bring fire down from heaven and have them destroyed. I can prove in a court of law they are criminals. Guns kill people and only a mentally retarded, judge would disagree. All NRA members disagree because they are all mentally retarded. That’s right every gun owner is mentally retarded because he cannot comprehend guns kill people.

There is no laws except for God’s laws. These people have guns, because they don’t want to obey God’s laws. God’s laws says do not kill. It doesn’t say go get a gun and learn how to shoot people in the heart, to kill with one shot, so they can’t testify against you in a court of law. But that is why gun owners train to shoot people in the heart. They don’t train to learn how to stop criminals. They learn how to kill, because they are murderers and they want to kill. It’s not about taking their guns. It’s about trying them for murder. When they stopped any kind of gun safety laws, that made them responsible for every person killed with a gun. They are just as responsible as a getaway driver in a bank robbery. When you provide the mentally ill and the criminal with guns, because you’re against gun control, you’re responsible for every person killed with that gun and every crime committed with that gun. And there’s no statue of limitations on murder. If you happen to be like Charlton Heston and grow old and die before you pay for your murders, then your children, your grandchildren or your great grandchildren will have to pay. There is no statue of limitations on murder.

Wayne Lapierre, Glenn beck, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, John Oliver, Sarah Palin and everyone in the NRA, needs to be charged with 17 accounts of child murder for the children killed in Florida. These are the people responsible for providing the weapon to the shooter. They stopped bullet numbering laws. They stopped background checks. They stopped gun safety locks. They supported the change to the Constitution, that allowed the Second Amendment to be added to what our forefathers have drawn up. They provided the guns to over 35,000 mentally ill people who commit suicide every year. That makes them financially liable for every person killed by a gun. It also makes them criminally liable, for every person killed by a gun. When they were against mandatory gun safety locks or gun safes, that made them responsible for every person that was killed by a gun that wasn’t locked or in a safe. When they were against background checks, they provided the weapons to the Florida shooter.

These are the people that killed John Lennon. Because John Lennon was against guns and war and Anybody who’s against guns they kill. Nuclear weapons were created to defend the truth. And the truth is that well-regulated militia means gun control. Truth also says the Second Amendment is a change to the Constitution that our forefathers and God himself carved in stone. If Donald Trump had any brains he would drop a nuclear bomb right on top of the NRA. These people are terrorist and are 1 million times more evil than Adolf Hitler. The only reason why Glenn Beck or John Oliver has a TV show is because they support the multibillion-dollar gun lobby. This is not freedom, this is a country run by premeditated first-degree murderers. I’m going to be praying to God for fire to come down from heaven to have everybody at the NRA destroyed. God will not do anything until he declares it to his prophets first. And the just God always warns the people before they are destroyed. To show that they made a decision to be destroyed when they decided to go against God’s laws. Jesus is God I am the Messiah. Keywords.

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I believe it is the NRA, its members and the gun lobby that are manipulating the news in the Florida shooting and in Las Vegas. They know the shootings are going to ban guns, so they are doing everything they can to manipulate the facts. They don’t care about truth or justice. They don’t care about the children killed, they only care about their guns. Everybody who was against gun control, is responsible for those children killed in Florida and need to be charged with 17 accounts of accessory to murder. They provided the weapon to the shooter by preventing any kind of background checks or mandatory gun safes and locks. They didn’t want to put security cameras on guns, they’d rather have 17 dead children. They were against bullet numbering, because they were criminals, and they didn’t want to be found.

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