Donald Trump Might Be the First President to Be Tried for Murder, March 7, 2018.

George W. Bush, will go down in history as the stupidest president. However, Donald Trump may go down in history as the first president to be put to death by capital punishment, for the death of 17 children in Florida.

The mentally ill person, that shot 17 children in a Florida school, cannot be blamed for the children’s death. He is mentally incompetent to stand trial. When children or the mentally ill shoot somebody, they’re not responsible. The people who are responsible, is the law abiding gun owners, who allowed lethal weapons to fall into children’s or the mentally ill people’s hands. That is people like Wayne LaPierre, gun manufacturers, gun store owners, National Rifle Association members and even the president of the United States. The buck usually stops at the man at the top, Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump decided to become president, he took on all the responsibilities as the father of our country, to keep us all safe. At any time, Donald Trump could have signed an executive order, to ban guns. In fact that was my letter to Barack Obama, for him to sign the Executive Order to ban guns. You don’t have to have false flag school shootings to ban guns. If the president wants to ban guns, he simply signs the Executive Order to do so. If he doesn’t do so it means he wanted to be charged with murder, if anyone was killed by his actions or inactions. Under God’s law, it’s not only what you do that you will be judged, you will be judged for what you don’t do. It’s not what you say that you will be judged, but it is what you don’t say, that you will be judged. When good men do nothing, when good men say nothing, evil flourishes.

At any time Donald Trump could have signed the executive order to ban guns, from the mentally ill. But instead of banning guns, or doing anything to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, all Donald Trump did, was sign executive orders so his buddies in this steel industry, can make billions in profit. By Donald Trump’s taxing the competition of his friends businesses. Trump didn’t sign the Executive Order to abolish Obama care, because he cared about people, he did it so his rich buddies in the business world, would not have to pay for it.

Although Donald Trump knew abortion was premeditated first-degree baby murder, he didn’t sign an executive order to abolish abortion. That makes him guilty of murdering over 1 million American babies in his first year as president alone. When good men do nothing, evil flourishes. Donald Trump stood by and watched as over 1 million American babies were murdered by abortion. He didn’t even make an attempt to sign an executive order to abolish abortion. I can vouch for ex-president Obama, that he’s not responsible for the children killed by abortion because he’s mentally ill. He’s too simple to know that abortion is murder. But Donald Trump knew abortion was baby murder before he even became president. That makes him criminally liable.

He made a conscious decision he’d rather be charged with murder for the 1 million American babies deaths. Under God’s law of eye for an eye, tooth for tooth life for a life, Donald Trump’s children must be killed. If not in this generation, then the next generation or the next until God’s justice is served. Why should the children of others die and his children get to live? Under God’s law, they would be the first to die. Not that there’s anybody in America willing to obey God’s laws, but at a minimum, I would expect Donald Trump to be put to death by capital punishment. You can’t point your fingers at the mentally ill, for 17 dead children in Florida, when Donald Trump could have stopped it, but thought it was more important for his friends that made him president, to become rich.

Anyone who thinks more guns is the solution to the Florida shooting, must be charged with murder, at the next school shooting. Because there will be more school shootings. More guns is not going to stop school shootings. The only thing that’s going to stop school shootings, is to charge the people who let the mentally ill have guns, with murder. Anybody who was against mandatory background checks and psychological examinations, for gun owners, is responsible for those children’s deaths. Furthermore, anyone who thinks schoolteachers with guns, is going to stop school shootings, is so severely mentally ill, that they cannot legally own a gun.

When the NRA and these other gun groups stopped any kind of gun control laws, that would have prevented the mentally ill from getting their hands on a gun, that made them responsible for the people killed by the mentally ill. According to God’s laws, their children should be killed in front of them, so God’s laws can be written on their minds. They can’t seem to learn, by watching other people’s children die in school shootings. They will only learn by seeing their own children die. They had no mercy on the children killed in Florida and no one should have any mercy on their children. Because people like Ted Nugent, Howard Stern, Kid Rock and even Alex Jones, was against any laws that would prevent the mentally ill from having guns. I think if Ted Nugent, Howard Stern, Kid Rock and Alex Jones had their children shot dead in front of them, they may think twice about blocking laws that would prevent guns from falling into the hands of the mentally ill. This is the only thing that’s going to stop future school shootings.

Well-regulated means gun control and anyone who doesn’t believe that, is so severely mentally ill, uneducated or brainwashed, they cannot legally own a gun. But because they are law-abiding citizens, they can be charged with murder, when they let the mentally ill have guns, and the mentally ill kill, someone with a gun.

It’s the job of the patriotic Americans, to protect the Second Amendment, from the demon possessed, that claim well-regulated means something other than gun control. It’s the job of the patriotic Americans, to protect the Second Amendment from the demon possessed, who tried to insert the words Hunter, gun collector, or self-defense into it. It’s the patriotic American that needs to protect the second amendment from demon possessed people, like Jake More Phony Than Us and Alex Jones, who think the Second Amendment says they have a right to self-defense. There is no self-defense in the Second Amendment. When God said do not kill, he meant do not kill and those who own a gun to kill should be killed. That’s the great debate of the Bible is if you’re not supposed to kill then who’s going to kill the murderers with guns? But the Bible does say that eventually those who draw the sword, will be killed by the sword or nuclear weapons.

Women were not allowed in the militia when the Constitution was written. Not everyone is allowed in the militia. Old people are not allowed in the militia and underage people are not allowed in the militia. There is a lot of people who are not allowed in the militia. If you were kicked out of the military for any reason, the Constitution doesn’t give you a right to own a gun. If you’re not allowed in the military, you certainly aren’t allowed in the militia.

The time will come, in the war between good and evil, where these demon possessed gun owners, will have their children killed, because they didn’t care about the dead children in Florida. All they cared about is their guns. They didn’t care if the mentally ill got their hands on guns, they only worried about gun manufacturers, NRA memberships and gun store profits. The gun owners are buying up guns. Because they know their time is coming to an end. Like the Bible says the devil knows he has a short time. My job as the Messiah, is to tell these gun owners that their children are going to be killed, because of the death of the children in Florida was by their blocking gun control laws. Whether it’s by God’s judgment, nuclear war or the patriotic Americans doing their patriotic duty, to defend the Constitution from demon possessed brainwashed zombies.


Second Amendment, well-regulated means gun control, patriotic Americans, Constitution’s right to life, no right to kill, killers must be killed, .


You can’t blame the mentally ill for school shootings, when law-abiding citizens did nothing to keep guns from falling into their hands. Donald Trump had a duty and an obligation to sign an executive order, to make sure the mentally ill, could not get their hands on a gun. But he failed to do so causing the death of 17 children in Florida. Under the law, not only can he be charged with murder but because more than one child died, we can seek the death penalty. Donald Trump might be the first president in history to get the death penalty for the murder of children.

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