Vegas Shooting Was a Black Ops Operation like 911, November 28, 2017.

The same people who blew up the World Trade Center and blamed the Muslims, so they could start a war for oil and make Christianity the New World order religion, pulled off the false flag in Las Vegas. For those people who don’t know me, I am the original false flag conspiracy theorist. The movie conspiracy theory was based off my book the Gospel of Timothy. Whoever read the first copies of it were killed. I tell people not to post on my videos, because you could get killed just from posting on my videos or claiming that you are a member of the Timothean religion. The world religions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses and Hinduism are satanic, run by dictators. None of these religions know God. Jesus is God and he’s no Messiah. Making Christianity the most evil religion on earth, that not only demotes God down to a man, but claims they killed God and nailed him to a cross, so that you can go out and commit sins. You can’t get any more satanic than that.

Then they teach their followers that the Bible is the only book you should ever read. This is how they make all their followers into ignorant zombie killing machines. They recruit their members to be police officers, CIA, military and FBI. Imagine thousands of zombies who have only read one book and think they know everything, because they have been brainwashed in a church. This is why we have police officers claiming that Stephen Paddock must’ve had a brain tumor. One police officer wanted to open up the skull of Stephen Paddock, to see if he could find the numbers 666. It is absolutely scary to think this police officer is allowed to carry a gun.

Most people believe my first conspiracy theory of 911. On 912, I was posting as GoTimothy in a AOL chat room, that the World Trade Center was an inside job false flag. The way I was able to convince millions of people, that 911 was an inside job false flag, was that NORAD would have scrambled jets, within five minutes and they let these planes fly around for 45 minutes. These planes did not just fly around, they were escorted to make sure they hit their target, by the military industrial complexes NORAD jets. A friend that works at Selfridge air force base, had told me we had armed jets in the air, at the time of the highjackings. NORAD is also the smoking gun proof that the Las Vegas shooting was it inside job, false flag psychological operations by rogue agents in our government. Probably Zionist or Christians, who have been brainwashed into a fake version of Christianity, of the plastic dead Jesus, who died so they can commit sins of theft of God’s property, rape, child molestation, murder, baby killing and enslavement of mankind with jobs. The true Jesus sets you free. The true Jesus make sure you get paid the $450 billion you suffered for your job injury. He doesn’t tell you to go get another job, so that others can be injured doing the same thing you did. This is the smoking gun proof that the Las Vegas shooting was a military-industrial complex psychological operations, false flag inside job. After 911 the patriot act was passed, no-fly zones were implemented around all buildings more than four stories high. Any time aircraft come within so many feet or miles of a skyscraper, like Mandalay Bay or the Delano, NORAD has to scramble jets to shoot them down. That’s the patriot act. Video footage from Las Vegas not only shows helicopters flying near skyscrapers, they are flying in between Mandalay Bay and the Delano hotels, that have over 40 floors. This is right next to an airport and area 51, a highly secretive military aircraft testing base. I was the guy who said 911 was an inside job because NORAD did not scrambled jets when aircraft were hijacked. But I said it too soon, the day after 911 and they tried to correct that anomaly, by claiming they did scrambled jets with Keystone cops flying them. I didn’t say anything for over 30 days, because I wanted to see if anyone else mentioned NORAD and nobody did. I wanted to wait to see what NORAD story was, on not scrambling jets, when aircraft were in sensitive no-fly zones.

I knew there were something funny with the helicopters right from the start because I knew of the no-fly zones. Not only that, but these helicopters seem to have been flying between Stephen paddock and the concert, 30 seconds before the shooting started and I was wondering why Stephen paddock didn’t shoot them down for fun. I mean there he is ready to commit suicide and mass murder and there’s a couple helicopters flying around and he doesn’t bother taking a couple shots at them for fun? Other people were mentioning on YouTube, that these helicopters were flying illegally. On those YouTube videos, they said that aircraft were not supposed to fly north or south according to the FCC. A YouTube channel said that it was illegal according to the FCC, to stack helicopters on top of each other and they showed the video footage of two helicopters between Mandalay Bay and the Delano, that were stacked on top of each other. I’m not going to give links to the video, because when I do that, those videos disappear. You want to do the research you can all you have to do is a Google search. The industrial military complex has a habit of correcting its anomalies and this is why I waited so long before I played the NORAD card. I don’t want them to come up with the suggestion that they did scrambled jets, when these helicopters were illegally flying next to skyscrapers. A direct threat to national security. The reason why it’s illegal to fly any aircraft next to a skyscraper, is that someone could put a 2000 pound in that helicopter and take out Mandalay Bay like they did on 911. Stephen paddock could have crashed helicopter or one of his airplanes, into Mandalay Bay, killing everybody in it, if he wasn’t a patsy and really wanted to kill people. If Stephen paddock wanted to kill everybody at the concert, he could’ve flew his airplane into the crowd at the concert and if he had a bomb in the airplane or helicopter, he could’ve killed everyone there.

And yes, it would be very easy to get a 500 or 2000 pound bomb. We dropped millions of them on Vietnam, all you have to do is walk around with one of those $50 metal detectors and be an expert who knows how to defuse bombs. We dropped millions of those bombs on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and at least 20 other countries. There is bombs everywhere, just waiting for someone with a $50 metal detector to find them.

It’s very easy to prove that Donald Trump is a member of the Satanic version of Christianity. Did he sign an executive order to ban abortion? If he was a man of God, he would’ve signed an executive order to ban guns. Now that we know gun owners who lose everything they own in Las Vegas, are more likely to go on a shooting spree, if Donald Trump was a man of God he would sign an executive order to ban gambling also. He owned gambling casinos. He knows gambling is Satanic. There’s nothing more evil than a casino that will take senior citizens disability checks and brainwash senior citizens and the disabled, into believing they didn’t lose their money, they played it. These casino owners not only don’t care about taking money from the poor, they will steal from the rich also. Something you don’t do in a land of gun owners who will kill to protect their property, without some blowback. Donald Trump has only been in office for a year and there is been noticeable increases in air pollution and global warming since he been in office. He abolished the carbon tax, that could kill every man on earth, even his own family. Either he is completely Satanic or extremely stupid and brainwashed. I guess we’ll have to wait for that police officer to open up his skull, to see if he can find the number 666 in Donald Trump’s head. I even heard Trump say that he was going to kill the two witnesses of God. I’m one of the witnesses of God and rumors were Charles Manson was the other witness. This is why they painted Charles Manson up to be the most evil man on earth, when he never killed anyone and had a lot of followers, because he was such a nice guy. Charles Manson was going to overthrow the kingdom of the rich.

Remember every day Donald Trump is in office, another 3500 babies are murdered by abortion. The difference between Donald Trump and President Obama, is Obama was mentally ill and did not know that abortion was murder. Or at least he can claim to take the insanity defense. Donald Trump was completely aware, that abortion was baby murder, before he even became president. He cannot take the insanity plea, when being tried for murdering the 3500 babies a day by abortion, in God’s tribunal.

I have watched a lot of YouTube videos about the Vegas shooting. There is even a possibility that the helicopters shot out the windows of Mandalay Bay and that’s why they found over 200 bullet holes in the walls and doors of Stephen paddock’s hotel room. Somebody had said that the Windows had been broken from the outside. They even suggested they were shot out by the helicopter. One witness said he looked out his hotel room window and the man in the helicopter was looking in. There’s no way you can fly a helicopter in a no-fly zone by a skyscraper that close to a military base, without NORAD scrambling jets and shooting it down, according to the FCC and the Patriot Act. Not only were jets not scrambled, they weren’t even mentioned.

Speaking of the World Trade Center. If you were in the World Trade Center on the 32nd floor and you had a choice between jumping out the window or being burned alive, many people choose to jump out the window. But if you had a gun and you had a choice between shooting yourself, being burned alive or jumping out the window, would you shoot yourself? Not likely anybody would shoot themselves. If you jumped out the window you would die instantly when you hit the ground. Shooting yourself is the worst way to die. This is why death by firing squad isn’t practiced anymore at prisons. Hanging someone was considered more civilized. When the electric chair was invented, hanging prisoners was considered barbaric. Now prisons kill people by lethal injection because the electric chair has proven to be uncivilized. I doubt Stephen paddock would have chosen to shoot himself, rather than suicide by jumping out the window on the 32nd floor.

I believe the FBI or the casino owners recruited Stephen Paddock. because he lost all of his money gambling. The casinos work just like the credit card companies. Just as long as you’re paying off your credit cards, they will keep extending your credit. Gamblers have tabs at these hotels and they build up credit. Stephen Paddock probably had a tab and debt at every hotel in gambling casino from Las Vegas to Atlanta. This is why the hard drives went missing. The casinos are trying to cover up. Because if people find out that law-abiding gun owners go on shootings sprees, when they lose their money, they will ban gambling. Stephen Paddock probably had on his laptop, tabs from numerous gambling casinos. Until he ran out of credit and the casinos wanted him to pay in full. That’s what happens with your credit cards. They will keep extending your credit until they find out you can’t pay and then all creditors will demand payment in full. This is how people get in over their heads. This is how they drew Stephen Paddock into this conspiracy and used him as a patsy. It doesn’t matter if he owned a house worth $500,000, he probably had a second and third mortgage on it.

Keep watching the news. Soon they will be reporting that NORAD has spotted Santa and his reindeer, flying over the North Pole. Keywords.

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The smoking gun proof, that the Vegas shooting was an inside job by the military-industrial complex. The same people that did the inside job of 911. Because NORAD did not scrambled jets, when helicopters flew in no-fly zones, is smoking gun proof, this was a psychological operations military operation. © Copyright 1996-2017 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.